APIs that power the creator economy - priced for the creator economy.
Distributors, ecommerce sites, streaming services, agencies, service organizations, etc who use our APIs see reduced fees on automated and instant payouts, harness rich user data, and grow their businesses with Nerve.
The banking app for creators – and those who pay them
Use our effortless APIs, and insanely clear documentation to automatically pay or advance money - at less than the price of, well, most anything these days. Your creators can access the money and spend it immediately, even on a “bank holiday”.
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In 2021, one leading organization within the creative landscape reported $20M in fees when paying to their creators' payment apps. With Nerve’s embedded onboarding and payouts APIs, fees can be reduced by 60-70% while discovering an entirely new source of revenue.
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Connect – Open free Nerve accounts inside your app and/or website with a tad bit of code and a dash of goodwill.
Payouts –  With Payouts API, pay your creators automatically with funds available instantaneously, so they can spend their cash immediately. And with our monthly fee caps, you can offer monthly, weekly, daily, even streaming payouts at a fraction the cost of other services.
Peer to Peer – Give your users the ability to instantly pay their teammates inside your app or website at no cost. Simply use Nerve’s peer-to-peer payments API to enable instant transactions between accounts.
Data – When creators give you permission to access their Nerve transaction and balance information, a world of opportunity emerges. Create specialized lending products, invoicing tools, etc all on top of the industry’s most contemporary banking APIs.
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