Business Banking for Creators
If you're a musician, author, designer, podcaster, coach, influencer, photographer, maker, DJ, gamer, or really any other creator, Nerve is banking designed for you and your business.

Why Nerve is a must.
Nerve gives you and your business proper access to the U.S. financial system without the worry or the fees. From free business banking that takes less than a minute to set up, to convenient in-app invoicing with embedded card processing, to account sharing and permissions - Nerve is designed for how you run your business.
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What Nerve means for you...
Financials, sorted – open your FDIC-insured debit and savings account in less than a minute with our super simple banking app.
Free – no monthly account fees and no minimum balance requirements.
Collaborative – our unique Collab accounts allow you to share an account with a group of people, and control who gets to spend the money and who gets to see it.
Free instant business payments – pay any other nerve accountholder instantly, for free, and leave those expensive fee-based payment apps behind.
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